Auto Detailing Odor Removal Kit


Auto Detailer Odor Removal Starter Kit

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 💰Seeking Additional Revenue for Your Detailing Business?💰

Look no further! Our comprehensive Starter Kit is here to supercharge your services, allowing you to provide your clients with top-notch Odor Removal and Interior Air Quality Reset Services.

Each Starter Kit includes:

  • (4) Vehicle Deodorization Kits
  • (2) Bio-Fresh Air Freshener Bars (4 applications)
  • (1) 10 pack Bio-Bomb Minis
  • (1) Oxygenator Aerator
  • (1) Bio-Clean Air: Lemon Fresh Fogger

 *if you would like to try 2 different bars leave a note on the order screen or send an email and we will try to accommodate.

🚗 Pro Tip: Expanding Beyond Odor Issues 🚗

Nose-blindness is a real phenomenon. Often, we grow accustomed to our own scents, and it might surprise us to learn that the odors within our vehicles could be less than pleasant for others. Did you know the average American spends approximately 18 days a year inside their car?

Here lies a golden opportunity to introduce the "Interior Air Quality Reset Service," an exclusive offering that grants any vehicle a fresh start. We wholeheartedly recommend extending this service to ALL potential clients. In the words of Wayne Gretzky, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take." 💰 

🌸 Choose Your Car Air Freshener Scent 🌸

  • Vitamin C – Fresh-cut orange without the pulp. 
  • Fresh AF – The "AF" is real. Our bestseller and a new take on freshness.
  • Poppin’ Cherry – A unique berry blend with a strong focus on wild cherry.
  • New Car Nectar – That sought-after 'new car smell'
  • Dope Soap – Crisp citrus notes paired with a cedar wood blend
  • Iced Out – Our version of Black Ice but waaaay smoother!


Save over $30 with this bundle compared to purchasing each item separately. Don't miss out on these savings! 🤑

All ClO2 products are exclusively shipped via FedEx Ground. Please note that the shipping cost remains consistent, whether you order a single item or multiple. Keep this in mind when placing your order. Bio-Fresh Bars however, may be shipped via USPS at a discounted rate.

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