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We do not ship direct but our friends at TOC Supplies certainly do!

Our shipping rates are determined by the necessity to transport all ClO2 based products exclusively through Ground service. Unfortunately, we do not have influence over the shipping rates, as they are set by the shipping carriers. However, we do provide free shipping for orders exceeding $75. Moreover, you can opt for USPS shipping for Bio-Fresh Bars, which can help you save some money.

Yes,  our kits will permanently eliminate odors associated with any kind of smoke odor (yes cannabis too).

3 simple steps.  1. Fill application jar with water to designated fill line. 2. Drop included tablet into water. 3. Exit area and return several hours later to a fresh space.

Smoke odors,  pet odors,  food odors,  musty stale air odors, perfume odors, gasoline, urine, rodent odors, body odors (in air, not on actual person. We recommend taking a shower odors are present on person) and many, many more.

Bio-Bombs employ science not fragrance to eliminate odors at their source. When mixed with water our product creates a deodorizing gas.  When the gas comes in contact with odor molecules a process called oxidation occurs, in which an oxygen atom is added to the odor-causing compound, resulting in a chemical change that eliminates the unpleasant smell.

We recommend flushing remaining liquid down the toilet to avoid any remaining gases releasing into the air.  You can also pour contents down drain, be sure to run water for several minutes while draining. 

It all depends on the odor that needs to be remediated. The longer you leave area undisturbed the more effective the gas will be in treating the odor issue.  For strong odors, recommend 8-10 hours (without the Oxygentator).  When using the aerator treatment time is reduced to just one hour. 

If you are using the aerator in conjunction with a kit you can run the vehicle for the one hour treatment time. If using product without the aerator, we recommend running vehicle after treeatment for about 5-10 minutes. 

When you have reached the end of the recommended treatment time, open doors/windows immediately. Air vehicle/room out for 10 minutes. At this time it is safe to enter the area. 

Yes! Please check out our social media accounts for reviews from real users with real results! 

Sure are!  You can use Minis on fabric, leather, carpets, panels, vents and trunk area without fear of residual   or staining.  Not meant for glass (will cause streaking). 

Yes, please contact us for more info.

Our Vehicle Deodorization Kits and Minis create chlorine dioxide when mixed with water. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) offers distinct advantages over ozone for deodorization due to its superior safety, effectiveness, and convenience. Unlike ozone, ClO2 is a stable gas that can be generated on-site, providing controlled and precise treatment without the potential risks associated with ozone exposure. ClO2 effectively eliminates a wide range of odors, including smoke, pet, and food odors, by oxidizing odor-causing molecules and microorganisms. Its rapid action ensures quick results, and it doesn’t leave behind residual odors, harmful by-products, or degrade integrity of plastics and fabric, making it a safer and more reliable choice for deodorizing cars, ensuring a fresher and more pleasant interior environment without adverse health or environmental effects.  Hope that helps! Contact us direct for more info.