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Slow Release Deodorizing Gel

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🌿 Freshness Where You Need It 🌿

Our Slow Release Deodorizing Gel is your versatile solution, ideal for various spaces, including bathrooms, pet areas, laundry rooms, sheds, crawl spaces, sports lockers, fitness centers, and changing areas.


💨 How It Works 💨

This innovative gel operates by steadily releasing a safe dose of ClO2 into the air space you occupy.  It's perfect for controlling a range of odors, such as pet odors, bathroom odors, and closet odors, and more.


⏰ 30 Days Odor Free ⏰

Gel will last up to 30 days (depending on size of area and odors introduced). Works passively without fragrance to destroy odors as they are introduced to treatment area. 


🌟 Benefits of Slow ClO2 Release 🌟

  • Consistent Odor Control: Denatures the organic processes responsible for foul odors, providing continuous freshness.
  • Air Cleansing: While we can't specify specific health claims, it effectively cleans the air of contaminants.
  • Eliminates the Need for Air Fresheners: works on a microscopic level to break down odors, does not mask with fragrance


Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to lasting freshness with our Slow Release Deodorizing Gel. It's a simple, effective solution to maintain a clean and pleasant environment.

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