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Pro-Tab Compressed Cleaning Cloths

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💫 Introducing Pro-Tab Compressed Cleaning Cloths: Your Pocket-Sized Powerhouse For Grimy Interior Jobs!


👋 Ditch the Bulk, Embrace Convenience 👋

Say goodbye to destroying microfiber towels on the nasty stuff. Pro-Tabs redefine car cleaning with their compact, space-saving design. Toss a tab in water or your preferred solution, and voila! It instantly expands into a full-size 9" x 9" cleaning powerhouse, ready to tackle any mess.


🧼Tough on Grime, Gentle on Surfaces 🧼

No more worrying about delicate surfaces. Crafted from 100% rayon, these wipes conquer dirt, grime, and sticky messes like dried soda, makeup, and even the "mystery crud" in your car's crevices, all without scratching or damaging.


Thin Enough to Reach Everywhere

Forget straining to clean tight spaces. Pro-Tabs are thin and flexible, reaching deep into cupholders, door jambs, air vents, and other areas where bulky towels struggle. Pro-Tabs are essential for a meticulously clean car interior!


🔄 Rinse, Reuse, or Discard 🔄

Pro-Tabs are incredibly durable, allowing you to rinse and reuse them multiple times. For ultimate convenience, simply discard them after one use – the choice is yours!


💡 Save Time and Money with this Pro-Tip 💡

Pre-fill a small container with your favorite cleaning solution and drop in a batch of Pro-Tabs. Voila! Instant wet cloths ready to handle any heavy-duty cleaning job.


🏡 Beyond the Car: Great Around The House Too! 🏡

Pro-Tabs aren't just car cleaning superstars – they're versatile game-changers for your entire home. Think of them as your grab-and-go cleaning solution for endless possibilities:

  • Countertop Cleanup Made Easy: Keep a stash of Pro-Tabs near the sink for instant spill or mess tackle. No more reaching for bulky sponges or messy paper towels – one tab, one wipe, done!
  • Makeup Removal Magic: Treat your skin to gentle yet effective cleansing. Just wet a Pro-Tab and say goodbye to stubborn makeup without irritation.
  • Dust Bunny Banishers: Dusting becomes a breeze with Pro-Tabs. Their thin form allows for nimble maneuvering around delicate objects, capturing dust bunnies in every corner.
  • And More! Pro-Tabs can be used for cleaning windows, appliances, bathroom fixtures, and even freshening up shoes. The possibilities are endless!


📦 Sold in Packs or Cases 📦

 Choose from a convenient 100-pack or stock up with a value-packed 500-case.


🛍️ Order your Pro-Tabs today and experience the future of cleaning! Ditch the bulk, embrace convenience, and unlock a gleaming, grime-free car interior and a squeaky-clean home with every wipe.

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