The Best Car Air Freshener: Bio-Fresh Bar
Bio Bomb Dope Soap Air Freshener Bar
Bio Bomb Fresh AF Air Freshener Bar
Bio Bomb New Car Air Freshener Bar
Vanilla Air Freshener Bar
Bio Bomb Cherry Air Freshener Bar
Bio Bombs Vitamin Air Freshener Bar
Iced Out Air Freshener Bar


The Best Car Air Freshener: Bio-Fresh Bar

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Introducing Bio-Fresh: Air Freshener Bars, the discreet and long-lasting solution to keep your car smelling fresh for months! Our car air fresheners are the best on the market because they work and they last much longer than trees hanging on your mirror or sprays that only last a few days. Our air freshener bars can be placed under the seat of a car, truck, SUV, semi-truck, limo, or even a bus and will not be an eye sore or a distraction by dangling on your rearview mirror or blocking the air flow of your vents. Each one of our car air freshener bars comes with two uses and is a great finishing touch for any detail or car service.

🌬️ Air Freshener Fragrance That Lasts 🌬️

Say farewell to those eyesore gaudy trees and finicky vent clip air fresheners. Say hello to discreet under-your-seat freshness. Bio-Fresh Bars offer 60+ days of uninterrupted, premium essential oil-infused fragrance per bar. Two applications per pack. 

🚗 Impress Your Customers With A Fresh Smelling Car🚗

Whether you're a detail shop, a car dealership, or a mobile detailer striving to leave a lasting impression on your customers, Bio-Fresh Bars are the ultimate choice for an enhanced customer experience.  Stand out from the competition with a product that sticks around long after customer delivery.

 🌸 Choose Your Car Air Freshener Scent 🌸

  • Vitamin C – Fresh-cut orange without the pulp. 
  • Fresh AF – The "AF" is real. Our bestseller and a new take on freshness.
  • Poppin’ Cherry – A unique berry blend with a strong focus on wild cherry.
  • New Car Nectar – That sought-after 'new car smell'
  • Dope Soap – Crisp citrus notes paired with a cedar wood blend
  • Iced Out – Our version of Black Ice but waaaay smoother!
  • Vanilla C.R.E.A.M. - Classic comfort of creamy vanilla paired with '93 vibes
  • Variety Pack - Save money with our variety pack and get all 7 scents!

Don't settle for air fresheners that only last a week, step your game up with Bio-Fresh Air Freshener Bars today! Your nose will thank you. 

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