Odor Bombs vs. Traditional Cleaners

Odor Bombs vs. Traditional Cleaners

In the vast world of cleaning and deodorizing products, the modern homeowner is often overwhelmed with choices.

But while the cleaning aisle at your local store may be lined with various sprays, wipes and solutions, not all of them tackle the core issue of stubborn and lingering odors.

Because Bio-Bombs specializes in odor removal products, we’re invested in the ‘Odor Bomb’ and its growing popularity in contrast to traditional cleaners.

Below we compare traditional cleaning products and odor bombs to determine how to incorporate both into a total dirt, stain and odor removal solution:

The Role of Traditional Cleaners for Odor Removal

Firstly, it’s crucial to grasp what traditional cleaners are. These are your everyday cleaning solutions, sprays, and wipes that have been around for decades. Made primarily to clean surfaces, they typically contain ingredients such as detergents, disinfectants, and sometimes fragrances to mask odors.


  1. Familiarity: Most of us grew up using these. The scent, the texture, and the entire cleaning ritual is something we’re accustomed to.
  2. Surface Cleaning: They are adept at dealing with surface dirt, stains, and minor odors.
  3. Variety: Available in a range of formulations catering to different surfaces and cleaning needs.


  1. Surface Level: While they can clean the surface, they may not always penetrate deeper to eliminate persistent odors.
  2. Temporary Masking: Many cleaners use fragrances to mask the odor, which only offers temporary relief.
  3. Chemicals: Some traditional cleaners contain harsh chemicals that might be harmful in the long run, both for the user and the environment.

Enter, the Odor Bomb & Bio-Bombs

Odor Bombs, or Total Release Foggers, are a relatively newer entrant in the odor-elimination market. These products are designed to tackle odors at the molecular level, neutralizing them rather than merely masking. They are often aerosol-based and, when activated, release their contents in a mist, ensuring that they reach even the most inaccessible corners.


  1. Deep Penetration: Odor Bombs don’t just act on the surface; they infiltrate carpets, crevices, and fabrics to eliminate odors at their source.
  2. Neutralization: Instead of hiding the odor under a fragrance, they neutralize the molecules causing the odor.
  3. Ease of Use: No scrubbing or wiping. Just release in the designated space and let it do its job.


  1. Duration: The space where the odor bomb is used may need to be vacated for a specific period, sometimes a few hours.
  2. Potency: Some may find them potent, so it’s essential to follow guidelines on usage closely.
  3. Specificity: They are primarily designed for odor elimination, so a separate cleaning might still be required for stains and dirt.

The Verdict: Odor Bombs vs. Traditional Cleaners

The question then is – which one reigns supreme? The answer isn’t as straightforward.

For those seeking a thorough cleaning solution that deals with surface dirt, stains and minor odors, traditional cleaners still have a vital role. They’re versatile and familiar.

However, when it comes to ensuring a space is not just visibly clean but also free from lingering odors – be it from pets, mold, tobacco or any other strong scent – odor bombs from Bio-Bombs are unparalleled. Especially for those who manage properties, cars or businesses, where the smell can influence the perception of cleanliness and hygiene, odor bombs from Bio-Bombs can be a game-changer.

TLDR; Combine Cleaning Products with Odor Bombs for Total Stain & Odor Annihilation

While traditional cleaners remain a staple in households and are irreplaceable in their right, the rise of specialized products like Bio-Bombs is indicative of evolving customer needs.

If persistent odors are your primary concern, an odor bomb is your go-to. But remember, a comprehensive cleaning regimen might often require both – traditional cleaners for visible cleanliness and odor bombs to seal the deal with a fresh, odor-free environment.

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